Watch: NBA Players read mean tweets

It’s another edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s mean tweets but this time it’s with NBA players! Featured are: Jalen Rose Klay Thompson Blake Griffin Andre Iguodala Russell Westbrook Reggie Miller Doc Rivers Magic Johnson Shaq Steph Curry DeAndre Jordan Dikembe Mutumbo Wait for it, because the last two are the best…..

Playing Portland could help the Warriors against the Thunder

Playing Portland — it could have been viewed as the easier path for the Golden State Warriors when the 2016 NBA Playoffs began. Yes, a date with the Trail Blazers ceased to be the easier path when Chris Paul and Blake Griffin both went down, but even then, the reigning NBA champions did not figure […]

The Warriors win without Curry, and may need to do it again

As the 2016 Golden State Warriors’ season unfolded, the optimism always had one caveat. A significant injury to Steph Curry would mean all bets were off. Any other injury, even one as damaging as the ankle sprain that cost Andre Iguodala 17 games late in the season, could be dealt with. Take Curry off the […]

Steve Kerr is going to get hosed in the Coach of the Year vote — again

Steve Kerr could become a Jeopardy! clue later this spring: “This man won 140 games in back-to-back NBA seasons and didn’t win a Coach of the Year Award.” Absurd, right? It could happen. This is the time of the year when NBA people discuss end-of-season awards. The playoff teams are almost all identified, but the […]

Why the Warriors can’t rest players the way the Spurs can

You can’t consume sports media these days without hearing vociferous debate on whether Steve Kerr should rest his Golden State Warriors starters rather than go after the NBA record for wins in a season. The irony is that for those of us who actually watch all the games, it’s a moot point. Kerr couldn’t rest […]

Golden State owns the big picture, but San Antonio has reasons for optimism

The Golden State Warriors really can’t feel too bad about life on Sunday, as they settle in Minneapolis before Monday night’s game against the Minnesota Timberwolves. Sure, the Warriors lost to the San Antonio Spurs on Saturday night. A game that was winnable in the final few minutes slipped away. Just a few accurate jump […]

The fine lines for the Spurs and Clippers could still cut in different directions

For the San Antonio Spurs, it’s hard to be troubled by anyone or anything other than the Golden State Warriors right now. The Spurs have just dispatched the Oklahoma City Thunder and, more recently, the Los Angeles Clippers. More precisely, they’ve dominated the fourth quarter in each home game over the past five days. They […]

Danny Green Takes The Andre Iguodala Path

If you’re good enough to be a main-rotation player in any professional team sport, you might arrive at one of the most defining intersections of your life: the place where personal aspiration and personal security cross paths. It’s true that pro athletes make a heckuva lotta money compared to the rest of us, but given […]