Harden Not Your Hearts: Sometimes, Sports Just Happens

It is easy to be merciless toward millionaire athletes and coaches who preside over a train wreck in a decisive moment of a late-stage playoff game. “THESE GUYS GET PAID SO MUCH! THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE HIGHLY-TRAINED! THEY’VE SPENT THEIR LIVES DREAMING ABOUT PLAYING FOR A SPOT IN THE NBA FINALS! HOW COULD THEY […]

Clint Capela a Bright Spot in Losing Effort For Houston Rockets

It’s never good when injuries happen, but sometimes underwhelming circumstances can lead to an unexpected positive outcome. We might have had one of those moments in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals that saw the Golden State Warriors beat the Houston Rockets 110-106 at ORACLE Arena. In the first quarter Dwight Howard hurt his […]