NBA Playoffs Preview: Los Angeles Clippers vs. San Antonio Spurs

The basketball gods always seem to bless us with at least one great first round series every year. While there are several intriguing first round matchups, none are more compelling than Los Angeles and San Antonio. For at least the last month, the Clippers and the Spurs have arguably been the best two teams in […]

Chris Paul’s flop versus Houston is nothing short of spectacular

The Clippers’ Chris Paul might be lighter in the wallet after the NBA sees a replay of this flop. Against Houston, Paul found himself heading right to James Harden as he was heading to the rim. The result, Paul tries to bait the refs into calling an offensive foul on Harden with a flop that […]

Doc Rivers loosens up his neck and makes some odd faces

NBA players usually have their pregame warm-ups which includes stretching, sprints, a few laps, and more to loosen up the muscles and get warm before tip-off. Usually coaches don’t get loose before games, but the Clippers’ Doc Rivers needed to get his neck warmed up as well and went to town on the bench as […]

Clippers’ Jordan nails first career three

It took just six seasons, but Clippers center DeAndre Jordan nailed his first career three-pointer versus Dallas. Jordan had gone 0-7 prior to tonight’s three but from the video below, he showed off he can hit the deep shot even when he’s a couple more feet beyond the arch. See, he is more than just […]

DeAndre Jordan has a brain fart. Chris Paul loses it!

Well, Clippers’ DeAndre Jordan will never live this down and Chris Paul might remind him constantly. The Clippers had 2.8 seconds to score versus Portland and Chris Paul missed a layup. Enter Jordan who snagged the rebound and apparently forgot how to tell time because there was .7 seconds left in the game and he […]

The Clippers are now an underrated contender in the West

In the stacked Western Conference, it’s very easy to get lost in the shuffle. With teams like the 42-9 Golden State Warriors and 39-14 Memphis Grizzlies, along with five other 30+ win teams at the All-Star break in the conference, there are extremely talented squads everywhere. The argument could be made that a good five […]

Broussard feeds us some garbage about Dwight Howard, we believe it (stupidly)

This season has been a struggle for the Lakers and Dwight Howard. Instead of waiting the year out and establishing a reliable sample size before making conclusions, some writers are jumping to the idea that Howard can't fit with LA and should be traded. Note: These "writers" suck and are nothing more than page view […]