Jeff Hornacek and the NBA coaching carousel: so many plot twists

The arrival of Jeff Hornacek as the new head coach of the New York Knicks certainly qualifies as a surprise relative to expectations… and hopes. Any Knicks fan who had become resigned to the idea that Kurt Rambis would be the permanent head coach in New York is happy in the wake of this development. […]

Joerger to Sacramento: The Phoenix Suns can’t be happy

Dave Joerger is now the head coach of the Sacramento Kings, which leaves Phoenix Suns fans in a state of clinical depression on Monday afternoon. Joerger essentially fired himself from the head coaching spot in Memphis, and as soon as he left the Grizzlies, he and the Kings rushed to the altar to get married. […]

Dave Joerger and a “Kings Landing” in Sacramento

Dave Joerger is considering becoming the head coach of the Sacramento Kings, and the feeling from the other side of the table is mutual. No decision has been made at press time (Sunday at noon Eastern), but the mere possibility that Joerger could stage a “Kings Landing” makes it worthwhile to explore this relationship. * […]

Dave Joerger dominoes: start with the Grizzlies themselves

Whether Dave Joerger fired himself, or the Memphis Grizzlies essentially made Joerger fire himself, one thing’s for sure: The Grizzlies remain one of the strangest organizations in the NBA — not necessarily in a bad way, but with a clarity which is impossible to ignore. Some organizations are well-run, others immensely dysfunctional. The Grizzlies just […]

First round in review: the coaches

The first round of the 2016 NBA Playoffs was a most peculiar fortnight filled with a number of upside-down occurrences. The central counterintuitive reality of the first round is that the losing coaches in many of the eight series were better than the winning coaches… certainly in a 4-1 series, and possibly even in a […]

How Mario Chalmers And An Uptick in Foul Shooting Have Revitalized The Grizzlies

The Spurs beat the Grizzlies down on Thursday, 103-83. For the umpteenth season in a row, San Antonio is very, very strong — its ever-ready offense now equipped with a bronzed defense that is holding opponents captive in a straight jacket as they sing for Brazil. It might be a three-team league this season. Golden State […]

Grizzlies re-sign Dave Joerger as head coach after almost losing him to Minnesota

After finishing seventh with a 50-32 record in a ridiculously tough Western Conference, the Memphis Grizzlies took the Oklahoma City Thunder to seven games in the first round before falling in the decisive game by a score of 120-109. Overall, with all circumstances taken into account — such as the 2013-14 campaign being coach Dave […]