Ghosts of 40 years ago turn on the Golden State Warriors

This is a column I’ve dreaded having to write for this whole season, especially since the Golden State Warriors went down 3-1 to the Oklahoma City Thunder. In case you’re just putting yourself together this Monday morning or you’re reading this in the year 2056, the Warriors just became the first team in NBA history […]

Steve Kerr is going to get hosed in the Coach of the Year vote — again

Steve Kerr could become a Jeopardy! clue later this spring: “This man won 140 games in back-to-back NBA seasons and didn’t win a Coach of the Year Award.” Absurd, right? It could happen. This is the time of the year when NBA people discuss end-of-season awards. The playoff teams are almost all identified, but the […]

Danny Ainge Does it Again: David Lee To Boston

This has been a solid-but-unspectacular moratorium period for the Boston Celtics. They managed to resign their valuable ‘young veterans’, Jae Crowder and Jonas Jerebko, to fair market contracts. They also brought in Amir Johnson on what some may view as a slight overpay, but considering the fact that he is going to bring Boston precisely […]