The 5 Greatest NBA Finals Of All Time

What makes a great NBA Finals: Seven games? Game-winning shots? Career-defining performances? Outlandish narratives? It all matters. Matt Zemek and I look back on some of the greatest NBA Finals in history. * JOE MANGANIELLO (@thatjoemags) 5 – 1969 FINALS: CELTICS 4, LAKERS 3 Jerry West waited 12 long years before finally winning a championship — on one of the […]

The 5 Greatest NBA Trios Of All Time

Having one elite player on the floor is a seismic advantage when each team can only play five at one time. However, if a pair of superstars share the floor — Shaq and Kobe; Michael and Scottie; Kareem and Oscar — that team’s likelihood of winning the NBA championship skyrockets. And in the instances where teams have had […]

Great Trios Stick Together — Right, Kevin Durant?

In our discussion of the best same-team player trios of all time, you’ll notice that only one of the five trios reached its zenith within a relatively short time frame. Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman were around long enough to win three titles, but not to build anything beyond that. The Bulls — […]