The Kids Are All Right: Charlotte Choosing To Stretch Floor With Young Bigs

The Hornets have won 10 of their last 14 games, inserting themselves into the suddenly deep Eastern Conference playoff picture after a preseason injury to Michael Kidd-Gilchrist turned many critics against them. What skeptics couldn’t anticipate was a swift change in offensive philosophy that would enable Charlotte to become one of the more adventurous shooting […]

The Thunder have the most elaborate handshake you’ll ever see

Seriously, do the Thunder have a handshake coordinator on staff? I ask because a couple of OKC players put on a handshake clinic that is so elaborate, it boggles the mind. Check this out! I think our fearless leader here at Crossover, Ben, needs to get us writers to come up with something just as […]

Thunder’s youth gains more experience in Summer League

The contenders are going through their yearly turnovers, looking to find themselves and continue their dominance over the league. They are watching the other teams make moves to get closer to what they have. The Spurs and Thunder have stayed relatively quiet this summer as the Heat went through major changes and the Pacers saw […]