The Pistons learn about the playoffs, but one man shouldn’t have needed to

The Detroit Pistons — unlike the Utah Jazz — made the NBA playoffs and gained the chance to learn about postseason basketball at the hands of the No. 1 seed in their conference. Teams in need of a rebuild — whether old or poorly constructed, or somewhere in between those two flavors of inadequacy — […]

The Suns’ chemistry experiment blows up, and Phoenix fans pay the price

Barring an unlikely turn of events in the next 10 years, the Phoenix Suns will never again be coached by Jeff Hornacek. To understand how much this reality hurts Phoenicians — who know that the troubles of their NBA franchise are rooted in ownership far more than the head coach — you have to understand […]

The Phoenix Suns and Markieff Morris hit rock bottom

The Phoenix Suns — at least one of them — threw in the towel Wednesday night. Literally. The Suns suffered one of their worst losses of the season Wednesday night at home to the Denver Nuggets. The result didn’t just put the Suns seven games below .500; it didn’t just push Phoenix beneath Denver in […]

Fire Up The Pistons: Detroit Starts Perfectly Behind New-look Offense

Preseason predictions are tricky. We basketball prognosticators pride ourselves in crunching the numbers, on reviewing months of months of games, and faithfully keeping up with a near-12 month sport with a financial landscape that’s transforming like the platforms in Super Smash Bros Melee. All the while, we’re praying we haven’t unconsciously subscribed to someone else’s confirmation bias […]

A look into the future with the Detroit Pistons

It seemed that the Stan Van Gundy era with the Detroit Pistons officially started during the opening night of the 2015-’16 NBA season. The Pistons knocked down 12-29 threes on their way to a 106-94 win over the Atlanta Hawks in Philips Arena. Detroit’s offense had the look of Van Gundy’s Orlando teams — it […]