Watch: NBA Players read mean tweets

It’s another edition of Jimmy Kimmel’s mean tweets but this time it’s with NBA players! Featured are: Jalen Rose Klay Thompson Blake Griffin Andre Iguodala Russell Westbrook Reggie Miller Doc Rivers Magic Johnson Shaq Steph Curry DeAndre Jordan Dikembe Mutumbo Wait for it, because the last two are the best…..

Game 5 was a treat, and the Warriors hope they can build on it

The Golden State Warriors can’t dwell on Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals. Their attention must turn to Game 6 on Saturday against the Oklahoma City Thunder. If they don’t win Game 6, the value of Game 5 will vanish. The memory of Thursday night’s win will recede into the mists of history. I’m […]

The Warriors need emotional and tactical solutions

The Golden State Warriors have a challenge in their Game 5 showdown with the Oklahoma City Thunder that is unique in scope. They have two huge problems that need to be solved independently of each other, meaning that solving just one won’t be enough. The Warriors, as it turns out, had an Achilles Heel. For […]

Watch: Steph Curry nails half-time buzzer beater

The Golden State Warriors took a 13 points lead to half-time of game one against the Oklahoma City Thunder. Steph Curry scored 13 first half points including this three pointer to close out the half….. Curry at the buzzer…SPLASH!

Watch: Steph Curry scores 17 points in overtime

Steph Curry’s return lifted the Golden State Warriors over the Portland Trail Blazers in game four of their series. Curry scored an NBA record 17 points during the overtime period. Here’s a look at his performance……

Stepping up without Steph: The Curry-less Warriors become stronger

People are starting to notice that the Golden State Warriors are pretty good, even without Steph Curry. This takes a little getting used to, the notion that a team can lose a transcendent player and still look at times like it doesn’t even miss him. In their second-round NBA Playoffs series, the Warriors outscored Portland […]

Injury inquiry: How far can the Warriors carry themselves without Steph Curry?

All of the excitement around the Golden State Warriors’ fabulous season, and all the predictions about where it would lead, had a caveat: “Unless Steph Curry gets hurt.” Okay, Curry is hurt. Depending on when you read this column, you might already know the extent of the injury to his right knee, suffered when he […]

Crossover Chronicles Podcast: Bruce Jenkins of the San Francisco Chronicle

Bruce Jenkins of the San Francisco Chronicle has covered the Golden State Warriors and the NBA for over 40 years. We talked several times last spring as the Warriors made their championship run, and I thought he would be the ideal guest to start our collection of 2016 playoff podcasts. In this episode, we talk […]

Warriors-Rockets series holds unexpected drama… and unclear meanings

There’s an old saying about NBA playoff competitions: “The series doesn’t start until someone loses a home game.” Never has that been less true than in the Golden State-Houston first-round series. Houston “held serve” by winning its first home game Thursday night, so by the old axiom, everything is going according to plan. In reality, […]

The Warriors win without Curry, and may need to do it again

As the 2016 Golden State Warriors’ season unfolded, the optimism always had one caveat. A significant injury to Steph Curry would mean all bets were off. Any other injury, even one as damaging as the ankle sprain that cost Andre Iguodala 17 games late in the season, could be dealt with. Take Curry off the […]

Congratulations to Kobe… and no, it was hardly the perfect ending

Wednesday, April 13, 2016 — it was a “Where were you when?” sports night, and for most American sports fans, Kobe Bryant made it that kind of night. Is that a fact in the same way that 2 + 2 = 4? No. Nevertheless, in judging from Twitter and morning-after output by media outlets, Kobe’s […]

Warriors-Spurs II: Both get what they need, but not what they want

The Golden State Warriors and San Antonio Spurs came into Saturday night’s game under very different circumstances. Accordingly, they had different needs and wants. The Spurs have been rolling, were as healthy as they’ve been all year, and were playing at home. They had Friday off, and had enjoyed a blowout win on Thursday night […]