Watch: Taj Gibson got ejected from game five for kicking Dellavedova

Taj Gibson mixed it up with Matthew Dellavedova and the result was Gibson getting assessed a flagrant two foul and being ejected from the game. The play started near the three point line with a hard screen where Gibson layed his shoulder in Dellavedova. Gibson then went over the top of Dellavedova on a rebound […]

Can this man catch a break for once? Chicago basketball fans certainly hope so.

Tom Thibodeau Finally Gives In… And Gets Results For The Bulls

This was a special, iconic moment for Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls: While the incredible Rose shot is what will be remembered from Game 3 of the Eastern Conference semifinals, the reasoning that put the Chicago Bulls in position for that to happen is what interests me most. In any aspect of life, leaving […]

Suns’ Dragic makes Taj Gibson look silly

Why Dragic? Why? Why you gotta make Bulls big man Taj Gibson look silly? The Suns’ Goran Dragic found himself being defended by Gibson and decided to show Taj a thing or two about trying to defend a player with sick basketball handles. Check out Goran putting Gibson on skates with some sick moves.