Ghosts of 40 years ago turn on the Golden State Warriors

This is a column I’ve dreaded having to write for this whole season, especially since the Golden State Warriors went down 3-1 to the Oklahoma City Thunder. In case you’re just putting yourself together this Monday morning or you’re reading this in the year 2056, the Warriors just became the first team in NBA history […]

Bogut Free Throws, Green 3-pointer Lift Warriors to Victory. Wait, what?

The reason I have been saying for a month or so now that I believe the Warriors will break the NBA record for wins rather easily was again exemplified at Oracle Arena Tuesday night. The Warriors win games they shouldn’t win. On Tuesday night they beat the Atlanta Hawks 109-105 in overtime. They accomplished this […]

How Paul George and the Pacers can beat the 22-0 Golden State Warriors

After losing its first trio of games, there hasn’t been a better team in the Eastern Conference than the Indiana Pacers. Larry Bird’s reengineered contender — once a behemoth bruiser trading blows with LeBron James in the conference finals, now a sleek, offensive powerhouse — has hit a groove. Indiana owns the league’s third-best net […]