Pierre the Pelican gets new look

Ben Golliver/Point Forward

Yesterday, we gave our tribute to the old (horrifying) Pierre the Pelican. Since October, Pierre has haunted our dreams and made us quiver with his collection of gifs and images placing him deep into our nightmares.

The smiling, greenish brown bird was frightening children throughout the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans and trying his best to fill the massive void left by Hugo the Hornet.

Pierre was a social media dream generating tons of conversation and mentions. Just they were all negative and, yes, kids were actually afraid of this clownish caricature of a water fowl.

Wednesday, the new Pierre the Pelican was unveiled, looking much more like a Pelican and a lot friendlier to kids, ending an era of fantastic mascot memes and images.

As the Pelicans tell it, Pierre broke his beak in a pickup basketball game against Kings mascot Slamson, Nuggets mascot Rocky and Grizzlies mascot Grizz. He underwent heavy reconstructive surgery that apparently caused amnesia so he had to re-learn how to shoot a t-shirt out of a cannon and spin a sign to pump up the crowd.

With the help of his friends, Pierre the Pelican looks a lot better and a lot friendlier.

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