Are You Ready For Some Flag Football With LeBron & Durant?

You didn’t think it was actually going to go down, did you? Especially not after the NBA lockout ended and players would get back to work on the courts to get ready for the season that’s weeks away.

Nah, it’s happening away. Weeks after Kevin Durant took part in an impromptu flag football game with a Twitter fan, he’s joined forces with workout buddy LeBron James and organized tonight’s event. The best part of all is that you can watch from the comfy confines of your home right here at 7:30 PM EST with the kickoff set half an hour later at 8:00 PM. What’s the pregame show going to be like? Who’s singing the national anthem? Will Pat Riley and Sam Presti collectively throw a hissy fit and try to get it cancelled? So many questions come to mind but there’s little time left before the “LeBron Flag Football Classic” goes down tonight.

LeBron made the announcement this morning with a little help from his friends. You might have heard of some of them: Chris Paul, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade and few others here and there. Wonder if we’ll see a cameo appearance from any of them tonight, either on the sidelines or on the field.

Of course, there’s always an outside chance we all click on this link in a few hours and a certain Rick Astley video shows up instead. Stranger things have happened during this extended offseason.