Arenas’ Wish List

Now that Gilbert Arenas has cleared waivers after being “amnestied” by the Orlando Magic, he is available for any team to sign him.  And he has reportedly made a list of teams he would like to play for next.

According to ESPN, Arenas has narrowed his wish list down to the Lakers, Heat, Knicks, or on whichever team Dwight Howard lands should he get traded.

The article gave reasons for or against the teams Arenas listed. But I want to chime in on if any of these teams should take a chance on Arenas, considering his less-than-stellar playing days with the Magic and how he is often injured.

Lakers have Derek Fisher, Steve Blake and rookie Darius Morris and frankly, adding Arenas might not be what the doctor ordered considering the team is still gripping with the loss of Lamar Odom. Factor Morris’ solid debut with the Lakers (11 points versus the Clippers in preseason action) adding Arenas might stunt the development of the rookie seeing how minutes would be given to Arenas.

Knicks are stacked at the point guard spot with Toney Douglas, and newly acquired Mike Bibby and Baron Davis. Sure he could play the shooting guard spot but with Landry Fields, and Iman Shumpert already in tow, Arenas would have little playing time. Perhaps the biggest reason to pass on Arenas should be because the game is only played with one basketball.  With Amar’e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony more than likely going to tons of touches, there won’t be many left for Arenas. Also, adding Arenas will not help the Knicks glaring weakness defensively in the back-court. He might just make it worse.

The Heat could be a landing spot for Gilbert. He would provide an additional scoring threat next to Dwayne Wade but the team already has Mario Chalmers and surprising rookie Norris Cole. Although Chalmers isn’t the scorer Arenas is, he is a steady hand for the Heat and adding Arenas might disrupt that chemistry. And chemistry is what this teams needs to continue to develop should they want to make another run to the NBA Finals and win it all.

Maybe Arenas can be the Arenas he was before the off-the-court stupidity, and injuries.  But with a truncated season, teams will be looking to get chemistry down for the sprint towards the playoffs. If anything, he might want to consider a middle-of-the-pack team that could use a veteran like the Raptors, or try to revive his career with the Hornets.