Believe It Or Not Eddy Curry Allegedly In Shape

Eddy Curry (Getty Images photo via I am about to tell you is true and is not pulled from the satirical pages of The Onion. 

Famed conditioning coach Tim Grover says Eddy Curry is in excellent shape.

Yes, you read that correctly. Curry, often the punch-line in fat jokes, is in shape and if true, he just might land himself a spot on an NBA roster if not with the Miami Heat who have been reported to show interest.

Curry, who interests the Heat, is in “excellent shape” and “no question” ready to join an NBA team post-lockout, well-regarded Chicago-based trainer Tim Grover told us last week. Grover declined to give Curry’s weight, which was 300 in August, down from 350 in March.

Curry, who had a promising NBA career when he was with the Chicago Bulls and, for a while, with the New York Knicks, sabotaged his own career due in large part to laziness and underachieving.

But the question remains, would the Heat, let alone any NBA team looking to beef up (no pun intended) their depth at center take a chance on a player with his less-than-stellar reputation?

Here is a player who seems to have shown his desire to make it back to the NBA and for the right price (1-year veteran minimum contract) the reward might exceed the risk.

Will he average 19.5 points, 7 rebounds, and 57% field goal shooting as his did in the 2006-2007 NBA season? No. But he could be a serviceable big man.

One can consider it his final shot to prove he isn’t the player many think he is.