‘Birdman’ And Guns. What Can Possibly Go Wrong?

You know the expression, “Idle hands do the Devil’s work”? Well that expression totally applies to Denver Nuggets’ Chris Andersen during this on-going lockout.

It seems “Birdman” is set to start what everyone expects to be one zany T.V. show, “Willie B. and the Good Ole Boys”

Now you may ask, what exactly is the premise of this new show? Simple – it’s a celebrity red-neck hunting show according to Anderson. Fun!

That’s right, get ready to watch “Birdman” and other fellow gun-toting celebrities as they chase down animals all over Texas such as deer, coyotes, wild pigs and more.

As a Texan I can understand the lure of hunting. The hunt, the camaraderie, the thrill of the chase but I also know the other side of hunting in Texas – vast amounts of booze. I can only hope Andersen and the rest of the “good ole boys” leave the booze behind when operating firearms.

At least “Birdman” won’t have to worry about getting accidentally shot in the woods. All his bright and colorful tattoos are more than adequate for other hunters to distinguish between human and animal.

A word of advice Chris, do not spike your hair while hunting. The last thing you need is some hunter to see that mohawk peaking above the foliage and mistake it for some exotic-rare animal.

Now raise your hand if you are not at all surprised by this news.