Blake Griffin The Comedic Intern

Los Angeles Clippers’ Blake Griffin sure knows how to bring the house down with his spectacular dunks. They can make fans rise out of their seats or instantly make a player regret ever getting in his way to the rim. And now with the NBA lockout in full swing, Griffin is looking to bring the house down through another avenue – comedy.

Griffin will be interning for comedian Will Ferrel’s Funny or Die website in the hopes of sharpening his comedic skills and learning more about film production.  He will also help write, shoot, edit and act in several videos for the site.

“Just to get an inside look at how things are run here is exciting to me,” Griffin said by phone Tuesday. “I don’t know what interns at Funny Or Die are like, but I’m about to find out, I guess.

And if you think Griffin will get the star treatment, thing again.

“We’re going to put him to work,” said (Mike) Farah (president of production). “He’s shooting a series of videos, and he’s also coming to meetings. He’s basically doing everything that an intern does.”

Griffin does seem to have a comedic bone in his body. During the ESPY’s he starred a fake commercial touting his lockout “services.”

But you know what would be a funny sight? Seeing a 6’11”, NBA star, and millionaire reduced to fetching coffee.

“I don’t mind doing stuff like that,” said the forward. “It’s not a problem for me.”