Blatche To Give Back While NBA Squabbles Over Money

Money. “Soft cap.” “Hard cap.” “Revenue.” “Salary.”

Those word have been swirling throughout the season as the current CBA is about to expire and players, owners and the league argue over a new agreement. Millionaires fighting with billionaires. Men who play a game for a living against men who have more money than the average NBA fan will ever realize in their life. In other words, the rich trying to get richer.

But as the negotiations wage on, lost in the shadows of this display of greed, is Washington Wizards’ Andray Blatche acts of giving.

Blatche will be donating his time and hard-earned money to improve substandard Jamaican schools:

Blatche, who helped refurbish a basketball court at Kingston College on his previous trip, is expected to contribute $50,000 toward the renovation of the school’s athletic facility and donate basketballs, sneakers and T-Shirts at sports camps in Negril and Kingston. Along each stop, Blatche said he will also bring his young audience, whom he claims a big brother type kinship with, words of encouragement.

This isn’t going to be Blatche’s first time visiting Jamaica. He did make a trip there two years ago and his visit inspired him to make the return:

“It was mind blowing to see some of the conditions that these kids have to learn under,” Blatche said. “I saw it with my own eyes what little they have. For them to deal with those circumstances really impressed me. My family and I are trying to help out in whatever way we can.”

While the spectre of greed is hanging over the NBA during the CBA negotiations, Blatche is a reminder that some professional will use their position of privilege to help those in need.

And although he may be giving his money, I’m sure it’s the fact he took time, showed care that truly matters to the people of Jamaica.