Blatche Opens Up


It has been a gateway for fans and NBA players to interact, for fans to keep tabs on their favorite NBA players, and it’s a portal into the minds of the players. From Shaq, to Gilbert Arenas, many players have given fans water-cooler topics, and some down right comedy.

Recently, Washington Wizards’ Andray Blatche gave a rather revealing glimpse (via into his thoughts on being single and looking for that special someone:

You know, I don’t know about you guys but if I was a single, pro-baller, making loads of cash along with basking in the fame that comes with the job, you’re darn right I would want to remain single. But I digress.

Here we have a pro-athlete letting the public know it’s not all about living the fast-life and some are genuinely looking for happiness. As fans, we tend to think these guys are machines. They got the money to do whatever they want and, we assume, are happy.

Not here, and Andray shows fame and money does not fulfill an important human need.  Here we have a pro-athlete yearning for love which is fine since we all as humans want to satisfy our emotional side. However, the whole “if it kill me” should be of concern. Easy there Andray. Come back a bit. I know being single does have its downsides but let’s not get carried away.

So fans, yes, I know we look from the outside in on the lives of NBA players and wish we can have their life but as Andray showed, money and fame truly doesn’t buy everything.