Blazers’ Cho Wanted To Suspend Roy

According to, Portland Trail Blazers General Manager Rich Cho wanted to suspend Brandon Roy for comments he made during the playoffs:

According to a well-placed source in the Blazers organization, an irritated Cho pushed for a suspension of three-time All-Star Brandon Roy for comments the guard made after Game 2 of Portland’s eventual first-round playoff series loss to Dallas.

Roy told The Oregonian on April 1 after playing just eight minutes: “There was a point in the first half, and I was thinking ‘You better not cry.’

“I mean, serious. I mean, there was a moment where I felt really sorry for myself. Then I was like, nah, you can’t be sorry for yourself. I’m a grown man, but there was a moment there that I felt sorry for myself. Especially when I think I can still help.”

Also according to the report, Cho warned Roy about making comments to the media on a prior occasion after Roy made some comments about teammate Andre Miller.

It gets even better. Cho was adamant about suspending Roy but backed off:

Cho confirmed Saturday that he initially considered suspending Roy but backed off that and settled on a closed-door meeting with the player. The result was Roy apologizing to his teammates, and getting more minutes.

The well-placed source said Cho was talked off his initial position by McMillan and owner Paul Allen, who were in agreement that a suspension was neither warranted, nor a welcome distraction for a team down 0-2 to the Mavericks.

Interesting what the Blazers do now. The team proved it can survive without Roy or not rely on him as much with the emergence of LaMarcus Aldridge but Roy did prove his worth in the playoffs against the Dallas Mavericks with his Game 4 performance.

As for Roy making the comments which rubbed Cho the wrong way, fans can appreciate his honesty but for him to air his frustrations to the media instead of keeping in within the team might be taking it a bit far.

For Cho to want to suspend Roy, especially after warning him on a prior occasion, is bold. Had he suspended Roy it would have sent a clear message to not only Roy but to the rest of the Blazers squad that such actions will not be tolerated.

In the end the issue was resolved and hopefully all sides have moved past this; however, after suffering injuries in the past few seasons, being threatened with a suspension, you have to wonder if Portland would be open to parting with Roy. The three-time All-Star isn’t the face of the team anymore, it’s Aldridge now, and his performance in the playoffs might have risen his stock in the eyes of other teams.

Also, the Blazers were quick to let go of former team GM Kevin Pritchard. Is Cho on thin-ice as well?