Carlisle Knows The Value Of Player’s Input

The Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat are all knotted up in the 2011 NBA Finals at 2-2 as they head into Game 5 tonight in Dallas.

So with the stakes high, and a possible first franchise championship on the line for Dallas, you would think Rick Carlisle will be reigning in the players, and trying to assert what he wants to be done on the court, right? Not so fast.

Carlisle has been allowing his players to voice their opinions on substitutions, offensive and defensive sets and implement the player’s suggestions according to Tyson Chandler:

“I absolutely love it because he’s a coach that’s not afraid to allow his players to speak up. If we see something on the floor, offensively or defensively, he’s willing to take suggestions because he knows that we’re out there. There’s no ego on this team whatsoever, from our head coach down. It’s all about winning and you’ve got to appreciate playing for a team like that.”

Got to love Carlisle’s approach. It’s the players out on the front-lines who are battling it out and have that first-hand knowledge which is crucial for any coach. Not only that, making the team feel more involved only adds to the cohesion, trust, and chemistry to a team. It allows for the players to invest themselves fully into the game, putting more of the onus on the team and not individual players or singling out a coach. 

If this keeps up, Dallas could be celebrating their first title.