Cavs’ Irving Gets A Threatening Tweet

The Cleveland Cavaliers’ #1 draft pick Kyrie Irving learned a valuable lesson – don’t meet strangers off the popular social media Twitter or you’ll get threatened to get cut.

According to, Irving met a woman named Jessica Jackson briefly in person in North Carolina after communicating with her via Twitter. Seems after the meeting, Jackson got a bit nutty.

Jackson then posted some videos on YouTube speaking ill will towards Irving and took to Twitter threatening to stab him via his Twitter account.

Irving filed a harassment report and got a restraining order against Jackson. But did that stop Jackson? Not one bit.

According to the report, Jackson allegedly contacted Irving violating the terms of the restraining order.

So what’s the lesson here boys and girls?

Do not meet complete strangers off any social media avenue and expect everything to be OK. Especially if you are a professional athlete that’s making million of dollars and has fame.

You are asking for a world of trouble and now you know. And knowing is half the battle! G.I Joe!