Video: Championship Rings Become Big Business In An Unstable Economy

Ring night.

Every fan tunes in to see their favorite NBA team collect that elusive championship ring in front of millions of TV viewers and fans in the arena.

It is the culmination of hard work, perseverance, and the ultimate stamp of validation of an NBA career. Just ask Mavericks’ Jason Terry.

“Once you get that ring, you know that you’re a champion,” Terry says. “You have to have that piece, and you can show it to all the world. If you go up to someone and you shake their hand and they see that ring, it changes things.”

 But in this horrific global economic climate, where protesters are hitting Wall Street to the situation in Greece, many pro-athletes have turned to selling their rings to make ends meet. As a former NFL player Rick “Doc” Walker said in the video below, “If you have to sell your ring to survive, you sell your ring.”

And this has created a huge online sports memorabilia business where fans can now buy championship rings from all sports and own a piece of history.

Check out this video on championship rings, what goes into the resale value, and find out what the “3 Ds” stand for.