China Says No To Contracted NBA Players

Any NBA players under contract tinkering with the idea of playing in China should the lockout eat into the new season need to look somewhere else.

The Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) has decreed it will not allow contracted NBA players from playing for domestic teams should the NBA season be canceled due to the lockout. However, free agents are welcomed to join their league, but without an opt-out clause.  Those free agents will have to play a full season in the CBA.

In the end, can you blame the CBA? Their teams get an influx of NBA players, give them roster spots, pay them tons of money in the short-term only to see those players bolt once the lockout is over. Not to mention it would disrupt team chemistry.

However, the CBA does lose out on making money as well, and letting their players learn from the best in the NBA.

As for NBA free agents, they will have to really weigh their options should China be a possible destination during the lockout.