Chris Kaman Needs Your Help Choosing A Rifle

Add this to the ever-growing list of reasons the NBA lockout needs to end, like, NOW.

This week’s entry comes courtesy of Los Angeles Clippers’ Chris Kaman as he recently Tweeted a photo (via Funny Athlete Tweets) of him with a puzzled look as he sought help in choosing which hunting rifle to use: the all black or tan colored rifle.

Now before you go thinking Kaman is just one crazy cat, please note he is an avid hunter and makes no bones about his passion for firearms. Hey, it’s his Constitutional right to bear arms but I would hope he is exercising great caution while out hunting deer. I say that because based on the above photo, he might want to not mix rifles and alcohol. Anyone notice the glass of what appears to be beer sitting on the table?

Oh and for the record Kaman, go with the tan colored rifle.