David Robinson Apparently Forgot There’s A Drought In Texas

San Antonio Spurs and NBA legend David Robinson has a squeaky-clean reputation. He never caused waves on or off the court during his NBA career with the Spurs nor has made the headlines for the wrong reasons in retirement.

However, when it comes to conserving water in the face of a severe ongoing drought in Texas, it would seem his home irrigation system sprung a leak and was billed for using a whopping 412,000 gallons of water in two months.

(via Project Spurs) [F]ormer Spurs star David Robinson, billed for 237,000 gallons in June and 175,000 gallons in July, according to information obtained under the open records law.

So what did Mr. “Nice Guy” have to say about this?

“It’s not only wasteful, it’s embarrassing,” said Robinson who, like Greehey, also made the 100 list during the 2009 drought. “Everyone in the city is trying to save water and here I am using 10 times what everyone else is.”

But hey, this is Robinson we are talking about. One of the nicest guys ever to walk this planet. I’m sure this leaky water system was due to him over-watering his flower patch, bathing the San Antonio homeless, spraying water into the San Antonio sky to create rainbows for all to enjoy, or perhaps he wanted to create the world’s largest slip-and-slide for the local children to stay cool.

(photo via bballone.com)