Bored With Basketball, Flag Football To Entertain Durant, LeBron

Kevin Durant has been the trend-setter for the entire summer. He played in just about every summer league pro-am game he could find and many of his superstar compatriots followed. There have been some epic battles on the basketball streets and back-channels while teams were locked out.

If anything, we have seen how many players truly love the game — they are using those “love of the game” clauses in their contracts to full effect — and just want to hoop, as Brandon Jennings might say.

Hooping turned into something else earlier this week when Kevin Durant crashed an Oklahoma City flag football game so he could “run around or something.” Durant was like the little kid trying to find a game, hopefully he found someone else on the sideline to even up the sides. He then played and hung out with those playing the flag football games.

If the lockout has done anything, it might have humanized some fo the players to a select group of fans. they are just basketball players and not brands or something else.

So now that lockout MVP Durant is playing flag football, LeBron James naturally wants in. The former high school all-state wide receiver asked for an invite the next time Durant goes out to play. Next time the two meet up, it might be for pro-am flag football glory rather than basketball glory.

Yep, it is coming. And who else might be joining this party? That we don’t know. But one person that wants in might surprise you.

Former Oklahoma State running back, Heisman winner and all-around class guy, Barry Sanders wants in for the James-Durant gridiron showdown or the next time Durant goes for a good game of pick up football. Considering Sanders retired early and in the prime of his career, good luck grabbing any of his flags.!/BarrySanders/status/131785451609653249

Whenever this thing happens, it will have some star power to go along with it. And should be pretty fun.

If LeBron or Durant need any suggestions for who to invite, Crossover Chronicles has a complete football roster of NBA players for them to pick from. Could make for a good game — something we did not envision when we wrote the post back in October.

Of course, we would all rather just see LeBron and Durant play basketball. If the lockout continues though, it appears the basketball players are moving on to football. This lockout is getting pretty boring for them. I am sure they antsy to get back to their jobs.

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