Follow The Clues To Get Humilated By Derrick Rose

So who wants to take on one of the premier NBA guards, who led his team to the NBA’s best record in 2011, is the reigning NBA MVP and is not even in the prime of his career?


Well for those who think they got what it takes to face Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose, well now is your chance.

Rose is putting a game together October 15 out in Chicago and if you want to test what you got against him, but you’ll have to follow the clues on his Facebook to find the game.

“To celebrate the launch of the adiZero Rose 2, I’m setting up a game this Saturday and am looking for some of my Facebook friends to come play with me and my crew. Here’s how you get in the game: adidas Basketball and I will be posting clues on Facebook all week letting you know where/when the game is and the password for entry. First people to get to the location on Saturday and that know the password will get a chance to play… And for all those not in Chicago, we’ll stream the game so you can check it out. If you want in on the action, all the details can be found at the link below”

You know how this is going to end. Anyone with some semblance of skill on the hardwood will not figure out where to play Rose and someone who never broke a sweat in their life will put the clues together and get humiliated.

Oh and just a reminder, this is what you will have to contend with. Good luck!