Get Earthquake Insurance. Barkley Challenges Sapp To Foot Race

If for some reason, in the midst of your normal day-to-day routine, you suddenly feel the ground below your feet start to shake, see trees shake violently, or have wall art fall, do not panic. It’s probably not an Earthquake or armageddon. It might be a foot race between two of the largest pro-athletes to prove who is the fastest big man.

Is that an oxymoron?

The two corpulent men I am speaking of is none other than Charles Barkley and former NFL player Warren Sapp and it seems Barkely has challenged Sapp to a race after what Sapp had to say about the “Round mound of rebound.”

“I was highly, highly offended when Warren Sapp thought he could outrun me,” said Barkley. “I’ll bet anything in the world that Warren can not out run me.”

Anything Sir Charles? Last time you raced someone you lost and ended up kissing an old man on national TV.

OK Crossover readers who do you got if this happens? The former pro-basketball player who hasn’t really been keeping in shape and might have his own gravitational pull or the former pro-football player who has probably been big all his life?