Has it Come Down To This For Virtus Bolgna?

For the past few weeks, the Internet was a buzz with reports of Kobe Bryant heading to Italy to play with Virtus Bologna for the duration of the lockout.

It was a report that had many of us saying, “Wow, for real? This could be huge.”

What followed was so much flip-flopping from Virtus owner, Claudio Sabatini, that would make John Kerry beam with pride.

From reports of Kobe signing with Virtus for an ungodly amount for a few weeks of work, Sabatini saying the sides are close to a deal, a confirmed deal mentioned by Sabatini to both sides being 95% close to an agreement. It’s enough to make your head spin.

But now it seems after all this build up and a lot of “will he? won’t he?” banter comes a report Bryant may just play . . . one exhibition game.

“One exhibition game with Kobe Bryant in Italy would involve millions of supporters.”

“He could land on Sunday, play the game against Benetton Treviso next Wednesday and maybe stay longer with us. People who don’t agree about the idea to have Kobe for just one game, have to understand that we all hope he can stay longer.”

How anticlimactic would it be if it does come down to that?

But hey, applaud Sabatini for having so much gusto to get a deal done but it just seems his dream of seeing Kobe in a Bologna jersey for an extended amount of time might not come to fruition.

However, Sabaitni is still grasping onto hope.

“We did our best. Now it is up to Kobe to decide.”

“Now we are waiting for his final answer. We can just say that we tried to do as much as we could to have him with us’ said Sabatini, as reported by Bolognabasket.it.”

Hey Kobe, seriously, do this guy a solid and let him know if you are or are not going to take his offer. Stop dragging this on. You are making me feel bad for him.