Hawks, Smith At A Crossroad?

Despite his night-and-day play on the court, the Atlanta Hawks probably wouldn’t be making the playoffs without the play of their star Josh Smith. He is the Hawks’ main weapon on the court and he proved it in this past playoff run for Atlanta.

However, could we have seen the last of Smith in an Atlanta jersey?

According the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Smith and the Hawks may have had enough of each other and suggests it’s time for the two parties to part ways:

Here’s the problem: Smith clearly is getting fed up as the Hawks’ player who’s constantly being duct-taped to a post in the middle of the town square.

I spoke to him the day following one bad shooting performance in the playoffs and he said, “I know sometimes I take shots I shouldn’t. But I’m not the only one in here who takes bad shots. I just get talked about more than anybody else.”

But after seven years, Smith’s exit would be beneficial for both parties.

Could Atlanta trade a player who averages for his career 14.6 points, 2.2 blocks, 3.0 assists, and 7.7 rebounds? Would another team take a chance on a player who can be dazzling on the court one moment, then become ice-cold in another? Perhaps.

Smith is an intriguing player a team might want to consider. He is still young, athletic, has two years left on his current contract – due $13,200,000.00 in his final contract year – which can be used as a way to entice a team to talk trade with Atlanta.

Moreover, he has increased his scoring averages in the past three seasons, and Atlanta could receive solid players or draft picks in return to compliment other players such as Al Horford. Also, dealing Smith soon might be in the benefit of both parties with the CBA still in flux and with teams being financially conscious, it might be the right time to strike a deal.

He is a 6’9″ passing big man with shooting range, named to the All-Defensive second team in 2010, and one of the better players in the NBA. Any team would want that type of player on their roster. And should the Hawks decide to trade him, just what Atlanta would be wanting in return would be interesting.

(photo: daylife.com)