Jennings Drops 70 In A Game, Shows Everybody How To ‘Dougie’

If there has been any silver-lining during the NBA offseason and lockout is the show Milwaukee Bucks Brandon Jennings has been giving people whenever he is on the court.

Whether it be at pro-am games or those “defense optional” league showdowns, Jennings definitely has made any court his own personal stage.

Case in point: Jennings recently crashed a New York City Rec-League and took it upon himself to completely obliterate the league’s scoring record to the tune of 70 points in a game.

Check out Jennings (via simply “clowning” any guy that night who thought he had the wherewithal to defend him including Jennings dunking all over everyone, showing off a nice between the legs slam, dribbling the ball between defenders legs, and just simply putting on a clinic.

Seriously, did any of those playing against Jennings thought they had a chance at defending him? After watching Brandon in action, I started to feel sorry for those rec-league ballers.

Oh and for good measure, how about a video of Jennings knocking down a half-court shot during an Under Armour sponsored game versus high-school kids and then quickly showing everybody how to “Dougie.”