Kevin Durant, LeBron James Get Your Mind Off The Lockout

If you are like me, then you are getting a bit sick of seeing nothing but lockout news. Owners want this, players want that, a million here, a million there… at this point NBA fans just rather know if there will or will not be an upcoming NBA season.

But fret not my Crossover readers. Let Kevin Durant and LeBron James get your mind off all this squabbling with some tasty highlights.

It’s well documented these two beasts of the hardwood have been treating the offseason/lockout as their personal playground. They been showing up at exhibition games and just tearing it up. And once again these two stars deliver.

Check out Durant and James (via and many other NBA notables battling on the court at the CP3 All-Star Game put on by the CP3 Foundation. This is sure to make you hope there will be a season.