Kings Will Be Back In Black

Kings_alt_mediumWhenever the lockout ends we can finally start worrying about things that are really important. No more talk of basketball-related income or salary caps. Let’s get back to important things: jerseys.

What new jerseys will NBA teams roll out onto the floor. What designs can we lampoon and deride? What will we be wearing as a fashion statement? Nothing means more to many fans than sporting a jersey that will look good and act as much as a fashion statement as an announcement of allegiance.

The yearly video game release usually gives fans their first look at the new jerseys teams will sport. The alternate jerseys usually do not actually premier until the midway point of the season.

With NBA 2K12 set for release tomorrow, Tom Ziller of SacTown Royalty can confirm that the Kings will have a new black alternate uniform. And that it will be featured in the video game. Ziller got a review copy of the game and obviously went straight to his favorite team. His thoughts on the new duds:

“A well-kept secret has been released along with the review copies of NBA 2K12: the Sacramento Kings will be getting black alternate jerseys this season. can confirm that the video game is right: the franchise earned approval from the NBA to use a black jersey as the alternate (replacing those controversial Royals jerseys).

“It hasn’t been known whether the black alt would be a throwback to ’90s edition. If you believe the developers ofNBA 2K12, it’s a different twist. Thanks to Jake Whitacre for pointing out that leaked images had hit the Internet.

“It’s the Kings’ cursive font, but draped in black, white and gray. And it’s kinda hot.

“If only there were a way for fans to exchange money for items such as this.”

Yeah, no word yet for the Kings fans when the jersey will be available for sale. Or when Sacramento might actually wear it.

But i have to agree with Ziller, as far as alternate jerseys go, this look pretty good. It is a throwback to the original Kansas City/Sacramento Kings cursive font without the ugly baby blue coloring. It certainly looks a little more distinguished from the team’s current purple road uniforms that look a little cartoonish. Those uniforms are not going anywhere it seems. This will be a nice alternative.

Now about getting Sacramento onto the court at Power Balance Pavilion…

Image courtesy of SacTown Royalty.

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