Knicks Owner Dolan Sings, Oh The Humanity

The New York Knicks.  What can be said about this once proud franchise that became the laughing stock of the NBA for years and is now just coming out of mediocrity.

Yet despite their recent steps in the right direction, this franchise still tends to take two steps back after taking one step forward. They sign Amar’e Stoudamire, but lose out on LeBron James.  Make the playoffs, but see Amar’e and Chauncey Billups go down with injuries. Not to mention still keeping Isiah “Touch of Death” Thomas around.

So what more can possibly be used as fodder to laugh at the Knicks organization? How about video of owner James Dolan singing with his band “Straight Shot” his new song titled “Fix The Knicks” – yeah you read that correctly.

Please be warned: If you have weak constitutions, dogs sensitive to high pitch sounds, children near your computer, I would advise you to take necessary precautions before you click “play” below.