Kobe Day-To-Day With Torn Wrist Ligament

Getty Images/DayLifeKobe Bryant will sit out the epic preseason rematch between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers tonight and is listed as day-to-day after he tore a ligament in his right wrist. Bryant injured the wrist in the third quarter of Monday’s game when he fell to the floor following a block from DeAndre Jordan.

Bryant is a trooper and it will take a lot more than a tiny torn ligament to keep him out of a regular season game. Bryant pretty much played two seasons with a dislocated finger on his shooting hand and Bryant was pretty much playing on an injured knee throughout the latter half of last season. He spent part of his lockout receiving treatment in Germany for his troublesome knee.

That is not bothering him at all early in the season. This wrist issue, it is on his shooting hand, could be a nagging thing during the shortened schedule.

According to reports, Bryant tore his lunotriquetral ligament, a tiny ligament on the palm side of your hand that connects the wrist to the hand. This is something that likely will not get better the more Bryant shoots. And that is exactly the kind of thing Bryant will be doing a lot of with his right hand during the season.

The Lakers plan on starting Devin Ebanks tonight. With Bryant day-to-day, they will have to keep an eye on how he is doing and hope Bryant can tough out another year filled with a nagging injury.

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