LeBron Continues To Flirt With The NFL

LeBron James was once a football player. He was a first team all-state wide receiver as a freshman and played football until his senior year when he turned his focus solely to basketball. That decision was not broadcast from a Boys and Girls Club to a local public access channel. At least, I don’t think it was.

So even though James is the seemingly consensus top player in the league, he has never stopped flirting with football. There was the State Farm commercial where he dressed up in a Browns uniform and pretended to deliver Cleveland a championship (or was that real life, I cannot remember).

With the lockout continuing for the moment, LeBron is once again flirting with potentially playing in the NFL.


Twitter / @KingJames: Man I had a dream last nig … via kwout

So LeBron dreams about playing football. That is good to know. He is not dreaming about championships or fixing what went wrong last year with the Heat or any of that good stuff.

OK, that was a little harsh. James still seems to be putting in his time training and preparing for the basketball season that will start eventually. But it is REALLY easy to criticize James.

Of any NBA player, James definitely has the build to go into the NFL. The guy is a super-athletic tank. With some training and practice, I would not want to be the guy who has to tackle him at wide receiver. And the fade routes? Good luck in the red zone there cornerbacks.

For the NFL’s sake, we need basketball.

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