LeBron Gets Teased In New McDonald’s Commercial

LeBron James was once one of the more liked players in the NBA up until last summer when he stunned the basketball world with his decision to join the Miami Heat. Both the concept and the execution of the “decision” certainly ruffled more than a few feathers but no one afterwards could accuse the superstar of not listening to his critics. First it was the threatening Twitter update shortly after joining the Heat, warning that he was going to be taking mental notes on all the haters out there. While that certainly didn’t help his public image much, the launch of a new Nike ad last Fall entitled “Rise” was the first sign that the King was reaching out in hopes of making the public understand him a little more and where he’s coming from, with a healthy dose of humbleness and a sense of humor. 

This summer has featured jokes about his hairline from fellow NBA players, including his own teammate Dwyane Wade, but surprisingly from himself as well. The lovable LeBron from his Cavs days may be in the rearview mirror but with a new McDonald’s commercial referencing the Welcome Party that greeted his arrival in South Florida and playfully teasing him about his lofty championship proclamations, we now know for sure that LeBron isn’t above making fun of himself and perhaps pointing out to all of his haters to lighten up a bit (and enjoy a Big Mac).