LeBron Was In A Deep Funk After NBA Finals, Still Optimistic Over Next Season

Jorge Sierra of Hoopshype scored an exclusive interview with LeBron James that touched on a variety of topics but short on much depth aside from a good soundbite or two.

Among the more interesting tidbits was that LeBron has no semblance of a relationship with fellow Nike spokesman Michael Jordan, endured the worst week of his life after losing in the NBA Finals for the second time in his career and that he renewed his vow to return to Team USA and go for gold in the upcoming Olympics.

He claims to have done “nothing at all” immediately after losing to the Dallas Mavericks but he’s certainly made himself busy lately with tours in China, guest appearances around the country on pro-am leagues and holding his annual Bike-A-Thon in his hometown of Akron Ohio. After the constant media glare and backlash from his decision during the course of last season, LeBron has kept out of trouble as he always has in his career, hanging with his family in his familiar digs in Akron and has made good on his promise to the Boys and Girls Club by donating the proceeds from his controversial ESPN show last year yet apparently continues to be vilified.

Months removed from the end of his first season with the Miami Heat, LeBron has taken a healthy viewpoint of a team that came so close to a championship yet so far.

“For the most part we accomplished a lot of things that we wanted to accomplish. We didn’t accomplish our ultimate goal and that is to win the NBA championship, but for a team to come together for the first year, and get through what we got, and to do some of the things what we did with all the scrutiny and media coverage that we had throughout the season, I think it was a successful season.”

Addressing the controversy for the millionth time over his departure from Cleveland to Miami, LeBron repeated he wouldn’t let any negativity affect his endeavors on the court.

“At the end of the day I can only try to be the best basketball player I can be, and be happy with that. My friends and family and the people who know me, they know the type of guy I am. For me, that’s the most important thing.”

As for the most important things in his basketball career, he’s continuing to set lofty goals for himself – something that professional athletes are known to do – and winning another gold medal is in his to-do list.

“It’s a goal of mine. The Olympics in ’08, to win that gold medal was a huge step for my career and for our team and hopefully I can win an NBA championship and then win another gold medal.”

And finally, in yet another topic that Charles Barkley and LeBron don’t share the same viewpoint, he continues to think positive thoughts about the current lockout.

“Right now, I’m very optimistic that there will be an NBA season. As that time comes around, whether or whether not there is a season, no one knows at this point. Until the end, I’m preparing forward and I’m looking forward to it.”