Kevin Love Cleaning More Than The Glass

Kevin Love may play for the Timberwolves and surely isn’t at the forefront of the NBA’s mind right now. Minnesota has been out of the playoff picture since, well, January (maybe earlier).

But even after the season has ended Love continues to, ahem, clean up.

Right Guard named Love the NBA’s Best Smelling Player. How that was determined is anyone’s guess — I doubt Right Guard went into every locker room sniffing player’s post game. As Tim Griffin of the San Antonio Express-News wrote, the Timberwolves had plenty to stink about this year after going 17-65 and earning the most ping pong balls in the NBA Draft Lottery.

“We admire Kevin for his hard work on the court, in the gym and in the locker room,” said Toby Gubitz, vice president of marketing for Henkel’s Right Guard. “He strives to be a better player and embraces a team mentality by always smelling his best.”

Yes, that makes complete sense. So maybe Love stood out over his teammates more than other pleasantly pungent players. Love actually was the only reason people even knew or paid attention to the Timberwolves. His 30 point/30 rebound game and league best 15.2 rebounds per game. Love was a revelation for being such a dominant rebounder and won the league’s Most Improved Player Award.

OK, so maybe this is a publicity release by Right Guard. But this is not the first time Love has had experience with cleaning products though.

During Love’s rookie year, the Timberwolves’ Rookie of the Year campaign for Love centered on his glass-cleaning abilities as he recorded an actual advertisement for Mr. Love Miracle Glass Cleaner. Bottles of the miracle glass cleaner still pepper the Timberwolves offices.


That is not all the Timberwolves public relations department has done with Love. This year, they released the Kevin Love fragrance to promote his campaign to make the All-Star team. Yes, Numb#rs was a successful campaign and continued to show how much time Love has to promote himself since his team, well, is not so good.


Maybe there is something to this Best Smelling Player thing. Love certainly DOES clean up. It will be interesting to see if Love can duplicate his success — both on the court and scent-wise — next year.

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