Luke Walton Recognizes The Real Loss Of A Possible Lockout

The NBA lockout is inevitable. Players, owners and the league are quarreling over millions of dollars something the average fan cannot relate to and it is the NBA fans that will end up suffering in a possible lockout. But will it be enough to turn away fans from the NBA?

Los Angeles Lakers’ Luke Walton sure feels it might:

“The idea of the lockout and losing fans is probably the scariest thing of all,” the eight-year veteran said. “Even moreso than missing games or losing out on your salary for however long you lose those games, it’s losing the fan support because it’s at an all-time high right now.”

Indeed losing fans may be the last thing the NBA needs.

It’s the fan that keeps a franchise going. It is the fan that supports their team, shells out hard-earned money for expensive tickets, food, and merchandise, and tunes in to watch their favorite squad on T.V.

 All three networks that televise NBA games reported a huge increase in viewers, led by a 42 percent increase for TNT. ABC had 38 percent more viewers, and ESPN had 28 percent more.

If there is a lockout then the NBA owes an explanation to their fans and when it’s over, the NBA better do their best to give back to the fan they spurned in all this CBA mess.

So while rich players, owners and a league intensely squabble over millions, let’s hope they will squabble over how to win back the fans they will lose with just as much or more intensity when it is all over.