Magic’s Howard looking to chickens, curling to deal with lockout

As the hours pass toward the deadline of the NBA’s existing CBA, and the high possibility of a lockout occurring, many NBA players are prepping for the inevitable lockout.

Some players such as Minnesota Timberwolves’ Anthony Tolliver will be working in the real estate business, while some players might be looking to play overseas such as New Jersey Nets’ Deron Williams.

However, Orlando Magic’s Dwight Howard has two unique “jobs” lined up to deal with a possible lock out and it involves the illegal use of chickens, and a Winter Olympic sport:

“I have two jobs in place. One, I’ve been training a couple of chickens in my backyard. I have a miniature treadmill. I have some steroids for the chickens, and we’re going to do cockfights. So I might do that. The other one is I’ve been also training for curling. So I’ll be in Canada and Montreal with the curling team up there. So, yeah, I can’t wait.”

Obviously Howard is joking about the two “jobs” but the threat of an NBA lockout is no joke.

The players, owners, and the league are still miles apart on any agreement. The thrust of the issue revolves around a “soft” versus “hard” cap.

Still, how funny would it be for a 7-foot Howard, shuffling side-to-side with a broom hoping to see a sliding stone knock out another stone or score a point. Though I suggest he should be the one tossing the stone based on his tree-trunk sized arms.