Mark Cuban, Obsessed With Fixing College Football

Everyone has their pet projects. When you get enough down time, you think about random problems that keeps your brain thinking during idle time. Because idle hands are the Devil’s play thing, right?

Players have pro-am games and European offers to entertain themselves during the lockout. What are the owners doing (besides counting the millions of dollars they allegedly do not have)? There is no Baltimore pro-am owning league showdowns with the Los Angeles owners.

Mark Cuban never shies away from the spotlight and he has been front and center for one of the biggest issues in sports. Mark Cuban’s pet project? Fixing college football.

Cuban and his good friend, the 2011 Larry O’Brien Trophy, were the guest pickers on ESPN’s College GameDay, and Cuban was at it again, weighing in on the latest issue in college football — the raid of the Big 12.  

Cuban writes on his blog:

“Here is some unsolicited advice to the Big 12.  As you might expect coming from me, it’s going to be contrary to what everyone else thinks they should do.

“With Texas A&M trying to leave the Big 12 (It doesn’t happen until the SEC accepts them) every remaining school is trying to decide in the immortal lyrics of The Clash ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go’.  The quick answer?

They should stay. Why ? The first reason is that the Super Conferences that are forming or being considered will turn into a huge mistake. No if ands or buts about it. While the concept of a Super Conference sounds incredibly cool, the reality is that the larger than 12 school conferences will only invoke the law of intended consequences and will create the following problems: …”

You get a sense of Cuban’s business acumen and marketing panache in his explanation of why he thinks the super-conference is a bad idea for college football. Remember, Cuban is one of the guys on the labor relations for the owners in collective bargaining.

Cuban’s marquee pick was not so good this time around as he took Oregon to defeat LSU.

The Mavericks owner is an avowed college football fan and he has previously thrown his hat into the ring to fix the Bowl Championship Series. It is good that Cuban has other interests besides the NBA. If the players are exploring their other interests outside the NBA, why not talk about what the owners are doing now that they do not have to spend millions of dollars on their rosters?

Yeah, I did not think you wanted to hear that either. But until Cuban and the owners get down to work with the players, the least he could do is fix the BCS.

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