Mavs’ Barea Is Asked A Question Every Man Wishes He Was Asked

Imagine if you were a professional athlete, playing in the NBA, making millions of dollars, just won an NBA Championship, adored by an entire country and dating Miss Universe. Well if you are Dallas Mavericks’ J.J. Barea of Puerto Rico, you wouldn’t have to imagine.

In an interview with, Barea was asked a question any man would love to answer: what’s more difficult – playing in the NBA or dating Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera.

For my non-Spanish speaking NBA fans, Barea says playing in the NBA is more difficult and one has to be patient and lucky to get to play in the NBA.

Oh it gets better . . . for Barea.

His girlfriend gave him advice during the playoffs, and was critical about him missing two free-throws and told him he needs to practice his shooting. Barea couldn’t believe she was giving him basketball advice. Yeah, Miss Universe is watching him play and is giving him advice. Oh no! Not that!

Allow me to show you who exactly Barea is dating:

You know I can’t write about Barea anymore. I hate you Barea!