Mavs’ Kidd Still Going Strong, Having Fun After All These Years

It’s no secret, it’s an era of the point guard in the NBA. Young point guards such as the soon-to-be NBA MVP Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose, San Antonio Spurs’ Tony Parker, and Boston Celtics’ Rajon Rondo, are the main cogs in the machine for their respective teams.

Yes, this may be a young, point guard’s era; however, there is one point guard who has been dazzling fans, posting triple-doubles throughout his career, and still running the offense for an NBA title contender — Dallas Mavericks’ Jason Kidd.

Kidd, in his 16th NBA season, will be leading the third seeded Mavericks on the court as they face the Portland Trail Blazers in the first round and Dallas will need his 16 seasons worth of experience to advance in the playoffs after another 50 plus winning season.

For the season, he has averaged 7.9 points, 4.4 rebounds and 8.2 assists but it’s not the numbers which stand out about Kidd, it’s his selfless approach to the position. And for the younger NBA fans who may not remember, Kidd was finding the open man and putting up huge assists nights before Celtics’ Rondo, and New Jersey Nets’ Deron Williams was doing it for their team.

Let’s not forget, he ranks 5th on the NBA all-time list for assists per game (9.2) behind Magic Johnson, John Stockton, Oscar Robertson and Isiah Thomas. That’s some pretty good company Kidd is listed among and is the type of point guard I’m sure the Miami Heat would love to have to compliment the “Big 3” of LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh as they head into the playoffs.

It may be point guard’s league, but Kidd also played during a time when point guards dominated the NBA along side the dominant big men of the time.

“You can go back to Magic (Johnson), Isaiah (Thomas) and those guys. Then you can look at (John) Stockton and (Gary) Payton and you look at the league it was majority of the point guards that were the talented ones and had the ball, so maybe that’s when it started. You look at this crop of young point guards, Westbrook, (Deron) Williams, Chris Paul, there’s so many guys out there that can play.”

As Dallas takes on Portland, many feel the Mavericks are ripe for the upset. It’s no secret the Blazers will zero-in on stopping Dirk Nowitzki and they have the personnel to get it done — see Gerald Wallace and LaMarcus Aldridge. That’s where Kidd will have to find ways to get others involved in the Mavericks’ offensive attack should the Blazers prevent Nowitzki from getting it done. Dallas will need his veteran know-how, steady hand, and savvy to combat Portland’s defense.

Kidd is a point guard’s, point guard. He is everything these young, elite point guards in the NBA should look up to and emulate.

He is still chasing an NBA title but even at his age, and the amount of miles on knees, Kidd shows no signs of slowing down, is having fun and plans to return next season.

“Yeah. I have another year on my contract. Why wouldn’t I want to come back? I’m having fun.”