Mavs Looking To Bring Back A Few Key Players

The Dallas Mavericks are already looking to next season – if there is a next season – to shape up their mavs_logoroster.

Currently, Dallas has six players who will be free agents but reports indicate J.J. Barea, Caron Butler, and Tyson Chandler will be back with the team next season. This leaves DeShawn Stevenson, Brian Cardinal and Peja Stojakovic.

Bringing back Chandler to anchor the Mavericks’ interior is a no-brainer. He may not put up huge points, but he defends, intimidates, rebounds (8.9 in the playoffs), and is athletic for a big man.

The same goes for Barea. He has been stellar for Dallas off the bench, especially during their playoff series against the Los Angeles Lakers where he averaged 11.5 points and 5.5 assists off the bench. Not to mention showing toughness after taking a cheap-shot from Andrew Bynum.

As for Butler, he is still recovering from an injured knee and more than likely will be back in action next season and not during the Finals against the Miami Heat. However, in 29 games for Dallas he averaged 15 points, 4.1 rebounds, and shot 43% from the three point line in 29.9 minutes.

Stevenson is interesting because he is a solid defender and can hit the occasional three point shot. If Dallas does not resign him, he will surely find a new team fast.

Stojakovic, though up there in age, is actually showing he can still get it done on the court. During the Mavericks playoff run, his best outing was against the Lakers where he averaged 12.5 points, and shot 52% from the three point line off the bench. He could be a good signing for a young team needing a veteran presence.