Mavs’ Terry Suffers From PCS

Dallas Maverick Jason Terry suffered a severe case of PCS or Premature Celebration Syndrome last night in Houston. The symptoms include denial, pumping one’s fists in the air in celebration, lack of teammates celebrating with you, and not knowing the score.

In last night’s Dallas Mavericks-Houston Rockets game, Dallas was down by one point, 85-86, with 1.5 seconds left in the game when Terry was fouled. However, he went to the free throw line thinking he needed to sink one for a Dallas win. In actuality, he needed to make both free throws. Instead, he made one, missed one, then the denial symptom of PCS set in.

“No, no, I knew the game was tied up,” Terry said. “It was a happy reaction that they knocked the ball out of bounds and didn’t have an opportunity to get a shot at the basket. I was definitely trying to make that free throw.” (

Well let’s take a look at the video and specifically the 2:02 point.

Classic case of PCS. Video shows each symptom. Terry smiles in celebration, fists are raised, runs to the opposite end of the court, and lack of his teammates celebrating.

Luckily for Terry there is a cure. It’s called humility, and knowing the score.