McGrady Apparently Is Nostradamus, Says Howard & Williams Will Be Mavs

Perhaps he was channeling the late Nostradamus, but Tracy McGrady has one bold prediction for the future of the Dallas Mavericks, Dwight Howard and Deron Williams.

According to T-Mac, eventual free agents Howard and Williams will be wearing Mavericks uniforms.

“D-Will is from Dallas,” McGrady said. “You’ve got Dirk Nowitzki there. They’re going to have [cap space] there. That looks sweet. Dirk. D-Will. And then you get Dwight Howard. That’s it, right there.”

McGrady added: “Dwight’s going to find a sweeter spot for him next year with him being a free agent, with D-Will being a free agent, and Dallas already having an established star there. … Yup, Dallas.”

If you are a Mavs fans or owner Mark Cuban you are hoping this prediction comes true but why would the Mavs wait until their free agency kicks in?

The Mavs haven’t exactly come out of the gates looking like defending champions. Add the fact the loss of Tyson Chandler, and an aging Jason Kidd, and you got two young players (Howard and Williams) who will more than easily address these needs for Dallas.

However, trading for wither star might be easier said than done. Dallas may not have the pieces needed to trade for either right now. They are not giving up Dirk Nowitzki, Kidd and Vince Carter aren’t spring chickens, Shawn Marion is playing hurt (broken finger), leaving just Jason Terry, Lamar Odom, Delonte West as viable trade chips but even they won’t be close enough to entice the Orlando Magic or New Jersey Nets to bite.

If Howard and Williams are smart, they should simply ride out the season and test the market in the offseason. With Dallas having the cap space, the Mavs would be an attractive destination (especially for Deron seeing he is from the Dallas area) for Howard and Williams. Add an established star (Nowitzki) and the trio would be the new “Big 3” on the NBA block.