Mikan, Cousy Headline 45 New Legends For NBA 2K12

By now you have completely submersed yourself in NBA 2K12 as the NBA lockout rages on. And who can blame you? Where else can you get some sort of NBA action aside form the random NBA player currently overseas playing with some European team.

But as you keep working out your thumbs, NBA 2K12 just announced they will be adding an additional 45 new NBA legends to their roster through a “Legends Showcase” downloadable content pack. 

Included will be George Mikan, Bob Cousy, Willis Reed and many other new legends to join an already stacked roster which includes David Robinson, Dennis Rodman, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan to name a few.

So get ready to drool 2K12 gamers and check out the complete list of new legends via craveonline.com:

Not too shabby huh? Enough to make any gamer dish out the $9.99 needed on their Playstation or 80 points on their XBox 360 Live Marketplace. And if that wasn’t enough, you will now be able to play on New York City’s Times Square. It just keeps getting awesome doesn’t it?

However, I would like to give some friendly advice to the game developers. I wouldn’t classify Cedric Ceballos, Glen Rice, Shawn Bradley, Steve Smith or Dee Brown (to name a few) as NBA legends. Kind of stretching it here 2K12. Unless you want your virtual self to posterize Shawn Bradley then by all means I am all for him being included!

The downside to this is you will have to wait until the holidays to purchase this content. But hey, it should be ready in time to also enjoy the end of the lockout . . . right?