NBA2K12 Ratings Unleashed

It is like Christmas in September. It is almost here! NBA2K12 is coming the first week of October to soothe all our ills and maybe even tide us over during the lockout. Get used to the default rosters, kids, because nobody knows when that next update is coming.

The anticipation for the latest version of NBA2K, which will feature more legends including Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, is brimming. For all those people jonesing for some basketball if this lockout lasts, NBA2K might be the only release. Where else are you going to see today’s and yesterday’s stars on the big screen?

It should come as no surprise that some people got an early copy of the game. And it should come to no further surprise that somebody posted some clips, including ratings for the players, to the masses before it gets released. Be ready for some bootleg video revealing the ratings for NBA2K12.

So who is the top dog in NBA2K12? Well, first off, the overall number is not necessarily an overall number. NBA2K’s super advanced game engine takes into account player strengths and weaknesses and it is the secondary attributes that actually tell you how good the player is. So maybe this overall number means nothing.

But to settle all debate, LeBron James is the highest rated player in the league. Followed by Dwyane Wade. Followed by Kobe Bryant. Followed by Dwight Howard and then Derrick Rose and Kevin Durant. Those are definitely some elite players. You can quibble with the order later.

The rosters are still last year’s rosters and rookies are not included. So it is pretty much the end of the year rosters from last year.

The Heat will certainly be a popular team with James and Wade to play with — although after Chris Bosh’s 80 rating, no player is above 70. The Thunder too should be fairly popular to play as with defensive wunderkid Serge Ibaka to protect the basket and try to block shots with and Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook to play with offensively.

The Knicks too could be fun to play with. A balanced offensive attack of Amar’e Stoudemire (88), Carmelo Anthony (91) and Chauncey Billups (79) form a potent starting lineup. Plus they have Mike D’Antoni as coach, which helps with the offensive minded people that play this game. 

I do not think negotiating skills go into an overall player rating as Derek Fisher clocks in at a 67. Ron Artest, though, is a 71. Dancing skills might have factored into this equation.

The defending champion Mavericks? They do not fare too well. Dirk Nowitzki is underrated at 85. Caron Butler is still an 81 even after missing half the season with an injury. The rest of the team is role players that fit the team. Not exactly eye-popping numbers that gamers want to play.

Who are the sneaky teams you might want to play as?

The Wizards look like fun with John Wall and dunk machine JaVale McGee. If you can take lots of missed jumpers, that is.

The Suns are always solid with Steve Nash and since the game rates Butler and Gilbert Arenas highly, Vince Carter still has to have some value. Right? And how about the Detroit Pistons. You are guaranteed one bench mutiny every five games when you play with them. That is not actually true.

NBA2K12 will be released October 4. Happy gaming!

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Philip Rossman-Reich is the managing editor for Crossover Chronicles and Orlando Magic Daily. You can follow him on twitter @OMagicDaily